Major announcement! – I’m going Freelance!

So, I finally did it. I decided to set up my own business, create my own website and get into freelancing. It’s terrifying and exhilarating all at once. I’m not even sure I’m ready, but I have decided that it doesn’t matter. Ready or not this is the time to go for it. This is the year when I finally choose to believe in myself and stop apologizing for simply existing and having needs and dreams.

Why am I doing this?

I have several reasons for deciding to freelance now. One of them being my health. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. Over the past few years it has become very clear to me that my health cannot keep up with the hectic pace and staggering amount of social interaction that comes with a more “normal” job.

Despite my best efforts to work hard, grin and bear it, and working past my limitations. I just don’t fit in. And it doesn’t just hurt me. It hurts my employer, my significant other and my family. I don’t want to put myself or other people through it anymore. Working for myself will be hard, but it I will be able to decide who I want to work with and put on the brakes when my body or my psyche gives out.

Love yourself - blue illustration
“Self love” by Anita Olsen Art

On a lighter note. The other reason is – I have ALWAYS wanted to make a living as an artist. Ever since I knew it was an option I have wanted to be a professional artist. I just never felt like I was good enough, prepared enough or creative enough. I’ve tried in the past and it has always failed. Why? Probably because I didn’t believe in myself or in what I had to offer. But also because I knew next to nothing about what my brand was, how to promote myself or how to get in touch with clients. Hell, some days I barely know how to string a sentence together.

This time around I have more information, more experience, more tools and more support behind me. Now I am in a state of mind where I have to stop “trying”. Instead I have to DO IT! Am I still scared? Yes ma’am. Am I still plagued with insecurities and self-doubt? You bet. But I’ve decided to do this, and this time I’m going to give it the best I have.

What will I be creating?

Well, that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? In the past I’ve struggled with a lack of focus and I didn’t know what I was all about, because I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to and I work hard.

I’ve now realized that I am a content creator! My specialties lie in illustration, graphic design, writing and photography. My focus will be on finding clients within these fields in the next few years and gradually build up a network and creating revenue streams from online sources and convention appearances.

I also want to share my knowledge and my experiences and build a proper community so I can help others realize their dreams and deal better with their mental and physical challenges through creativity. In order to do that I’ve decided to create a monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to HERE.

If you read all the way through this post, thank you! You are amazing!
Here’s to taking on the world at my own pace and in my own way. I can do it and if you want to so can you!

Anita Olsen Art

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