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Inktober 2019 – #31monstergirls

October 2019 has long since come and gone and so has Inktober. I’ve tried participating in previous years, but never managed to finish the entire 31 days. But last year I decided that I would do it, and complete it! So, how did it go?

I started looking at different Inktober prompt lists in September and found one that I liked. The one I chose was the 31 monster girls challenge by @luckyinks on Instagram.

Because of my health (I suffer from fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression) I knew that I would not be able to draw one image a day every day. So on days when I felt fine and was able to draw I drew several drawings at once and batched them ahead of time. That way I could relax and rest on days when I felt sick. Some may frown on this approach, but I knew that if I was going to complete the challenge and not wear myself out I had to take a different approach.

And guess what? It worked! I was able to complete the challenge. I drew 31 drawings of monster girls and posted them on Instagram. It was really challenging and I feel so proud of myself for having made it through.

You can see all my monster girls in the gallery below.

I also decided to share artists who were doing the same challenge as me, because I like to support other artists. So every day I shared other peoples art in my IG stories. It was pretty cool to see how the different prompts in the challenge were interpreted by different people, and I also got to know some nice new artists.

The gallery was not found!

Did you participate in Inktober 2019? How did it go?

Stay creative!
Love, Anita

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