10 things to do while in corona quarantine
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10 things to do while under Corona quarantine

The Corona virus is now officially a Pandemic and everyone around the globe is feeling the repercussions of it.  

To keep the virus from spreading too rapidly and overwhelming our local health care systems it is extremely important that we all work together. We can all limit the spread by washing our hands, not engaging in physical contact with others, not utilizing public transport unless it is absolutely necessary, and so on. But one measure that is extremely important to respect is the quarantine!

For some people staying at home can be a bit of a challenge. They get bored or starved for social interaction. In some cases this leads to people disregarding their quarantine by going to their local shopping center or to the movies. Something which I think we all can agree is a bad idea, right?

So, to help anyone who might be struggling with their quarantine conditions here are some tips on how to deal with the boredom of being stuck at home for long periods of time!

Illustrations by – Anita Olsen Art

10 things to do while under quarantine:

  1. Keep yourself updated
    You might be in quarantine, but who knows for how long? And are there additional safety precautions that need to be taken as time goes by? Use the extra time you have at home to keep yourself up to date on how the Corona virus is spreading and what your local government is advising the public to do at any given time.

  2. Work from home
    If you are not feeling ill you can work from home. Not everyone has this luxury of course, but if you work in a field where working from home is possible then why not do so. Keep those wheels turning so your place of work does not experience a large amount of backlog or other difficulties in relation to your absence.

  3. Netflix and relax
    We all love a good binge right?! Well, now you have the time to catch up on some good movies and shows and just relax. When I’m sick this is one of the things I often do to distract myself from the discomfort I am experiencing.

  4. Reading
    When was the last time you read a good book? It is an excellent way to pass the time, keep yourself entertained and potentially learning or experiencing something new. It is also very energy efficient and does not take a heavy toll on your body. Perhaps with the exception of your eyes.

  5. Online gaming
    Playing online games with friends across the world is the perfect way to socialize and entertain yourself while still respecting the rules of quarantine. Time flies when you are a having fun. If you don’t play online games you can also play any kind of game and just hang with your friends on Discord or Messenger.

  6. Crafting
    Making something with your own two hands can be pretty therapeutic, and it is also a great way to make time pass by in the blink of an eye. Knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cosplaying or painting are great ways to unwind and relax while still feeling like you’re doing something productive.

  7. Board games
    If your entire family is under quarantine it is a golden opportunity to pull out some great board games and have some fun together. Because even though a global pandemic is serious business it is important to keep each others spirits up. Co-operative board games or roleplaying games (like Dungeons & Dragons) are usually a very safe bet. It keeps people from getting too competitive and can last for several hours depending on the game.

  8. Household chores
    No one likes to do household chores, or, maybe some people do. Weirder things have happened. In any case – why not spend your quarantine time productively. Clean the dirty bathroom mirror you’ve been meaning to get to, disinfect your keyboards and door handles, vacuum the floor. You’re sure to be kept busy and as a bonus your home will be squeaky clean.

  9. Get some fresh air
    If you are under quarantine you are not locked to your home, but you should not go to school or work, you should avoid using public transport and you should avoid going to places where a lot of people gather. But that does not mean you can’t go outside. You can go for a walk or a nice hike as long as you keep a safe distance from other people.

  10. Take care of yourself and those around you
    Last but not least, take care of yourself and those around you. Spend quality time with yourself, your family or your significant other, and make sure that everyone has what they need to be comfortable.

Text: Anita Olsen Støbakk (c) Anita Olsen Art 2020.

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